Born Robin Hill, the talented D.C. native is now pursuing her dreams in the ATL. Raised in Houston, Texas with her grandmother, her fascination with makeup began at the age of 11 as she sat in the bathroom watching her oldest cousin Percival apply her makeup every morning. From then on she was hooked, and whether it was secretly spending her entire school clothes allowance at the MAC counter or practicing hours on end trying to apply her own makeup just as her cousin did, her supreme passion for the industry was always apparent. However, her dreams did not stop there.

Robin was also a supremely talented theater major, and had aspirations of displaying her talents on the big screen one day.  Fast forward to today, she is now a wife, nurse and mother of two amazing young boys. Having started her makeup career with MAC Cosmetics, she has held several titles from freelance artist to retail manager. She has worked with some amazing people in the industry including Dr. Sherry Blake, family psychologist on The Braxton’s, Joseline Hernandez of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”, and the amazing hairstylist and fantasy hair extraordinaire Terrence Davidson.

Through all her hard work and perseverance she has finally mastered the craft she longed to learn all those many years ago in her grandmother’s bathroom. She now performs her artistry independently and is located at The Glamatory in Smyrna, GA. You can also learn amazing tips and tricks from her amazing artistry on her YouTube channel. Juggling all these responsibilities, and still find the time to practice her talents is not an easy task; however it’s a sacrifice more than worth taking for the industry she loves.

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